Wednesday, February 5, 2014

20 Months.
Finn got a haircut today.  He screamed and cried the whole time.  I had to have Eli hold his hands while I buzzed with the clippers as quickly as I could.
He was also super smiley and laughy today.
He loves to point at things.  We are teaching him where his nose, eyes, mouth, ears and hair is.  He is getting good at pointing at them when we ask him where they are.
He has 4 teeth coming in, and just got his 2 back molars all the way in.  Hopefully he will start chewing his food more before swallowing it whole.  I am trying to get him off of formula and have been feeding him more table food (which he loves), and a couple of sippies/bottles a day.  We got him drinking out of a straw.  Yes!  Which is recommended by therapists to help with speech.  We still have to watch him closely when eating so that he doesn't choke, as sometimes he doesn't chew his food.  We have a therapist coming in a couple of weeks to watch him eat and swallow.
He is doing really well with crawling on all fours and pulling himself up to a standing position while holding onto something.  We are starting to work on getting him to walk with a push toy walker.  I was anxious for him to get walking, but I have shifted gears and I really think it important to get him talking and communicating.  I know the walking will come.  Speech.....He's going to have to work doubly hard for that one.  He can say hi, dada, hi kitty (not totally clear), and he can sign "more".
Overall, he is doing wonderfully.  He has been healthy this winter and has hardly been sick, granted, I've been super anal and cautious about taking him out and quarantine him to his room when needed.  He does need to have a sleep study done to check his sleep apnea, an EKG & and echo to check his heart, and we are currently working on his hearing.  He is still wearing his bone conductor.  I have been putting the first two procedures off as we have to pay out of pocket for them and they are not cheap.  But hopefully we will get them done this year.
He still proves to be very patient.  He has learned how to tolerate noise, and he seems to not be sensitive to it like he used to be.  We took him to the Jazz game and he did great, as does equally as well when we take him to the boys' basketball games.  He loves to wave to people and say hi.  He is a joy and delight.  He is easy, loves to crawl and play, and has a super cute laugh.   ♥


Alicia said...

He is beautiful. Especially love the picture on the left. Yay for 20 months! Yay for drinking out of a straw! He learned that before Timmy! Way to go, momma and Finn!

Meridee said...

I had so much fun getting caught up with your blog. Way to write some posts....I missed them. Here are my thoughts while reading your newest posts (deep thoughts by dee): Finn is so cute, I can't believe how big he is:(, you are darling & are such a fun/creative mom. Love you! The end.


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