Sunday, February 2, 2014

{Gavin gets Baptized}

February 1, 2014
Gavin's baptism day was wonderful.
He looked so cute in his whites.
There was such a nice spirit there.
On the information sheet read by the Bishopric:
favorite primary song:  The Golden Plates
favorite scripture story:  Daniel in the lions den.  He liked this story because there were lions and they didn't eat Daniel because he prayed.
favorite food:  Mom's homemade pizza
3 words that describe Gavin:  Happy-go-lucky, kind, & responsible.
3 interesting facts about Gavin:  He has a pet tarantula named Zenda Peterson, he likes to be in the kitchen cooking, & he can do a pretty good Nacho Libre' impression.

These pictures were taken after we had gotten home from the baptism.  This is everyone who came.  Helena was the only one from my side of the family who made it, everyone else was from Kurt's side of the family.  My parents are away for a month long excursion in Hawaii.  yeah, it's a rough life.
Speaking of Hawaii, there was a girl in another ward who was also getting baptized.  Here is her Hawaiian middle name:
For reals!
After the baptism, we came back to the house and had milk and cookies.  These flowers were the only picture I got of my cute display.
Everyone hung around and went to the Isaac's and Gavin's basketball games.  They both played really well.  And then we went and ate at IHOP.  It was the perfect day, really!

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