Friday, April 25, 2014

{History in the making}

My Mom's cousin, Terrell, had a box that he's carting around for 40 years.  It was a box given to him from his mom before she died.  After all these years, he's never looked in the box.  After discovering what was in the box, he knew that he wanted to donate the items to the church as he didn't want them sitting in a box any longer.  He discovered an 1852 Book of Mormon, a book of poems by Eliza R. Snow, and other important items.  All of the items belonged to our pioneer ancestor, John Jaques of the Martain Handcart Company.

Along with my parents, we were invited to attend a ceremony where the belongings that he had would be donated to the church.  Several descendants of John Jaques traveled far to be there for the ceremony.  The room was packed with people.  Some had to stand out in the hall as there wasn't enough room. 

In high school and into college, Terrell was good friends with, Neil L. Anderson, now a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  He presided at the ceremony and spoke along with Terrell, and another guy who authenticates items for the  church museum and library.  It was a nice ceremony.

John Jaques' 1852 Book Of Mormon that most likely came across the plains with the Martin Handcart Company.  It was given to him from Franklin D. Richards who was the one running the printing press in Liverpool in 1852.

The flowers on temple square were beautiful!

It was windy!


And guess who I got to see there!  Dallin, Alisha, and Craig.  I was the Bird's nanny right out of highschool.  Alisha who is their youngest was in preschool when I got there.  She just recently graduated from college.  Crazy!  The rest of their family was attending Loren's graduation.  The Bird's have 11 kids.  Here I am with Dallin.

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