Sunday, June 8, 2014

{Happy Birthday Finn}

Finn turned 2 today!  When we got him out of bed this morning he didn't want to eat, and just wanted to lay down.  He wasn't feeling well.  He was feverish too.  He is getting his back molars in and I think this is what's causing his sickness (at least I hope that's what it is).  I told Owen it was his lucky day and that he got to stay home from church and watch Finn.  He was on board for that.  When I left he was sleeping.  I came back to check on him after sacrament meeting.  He woke up and I gave him some medicine and a few bites of bread, and then he went back to sleep.  I went back to church.  When I got home from church he woke up and signed that he wanted to eat.  So I fed him and he ate a lot.  He seemed to be feeling much better.  When Kurt got home from his bishopric duties, we had a small birthday celebration.  I took his picture with the same set up as his one year old birthday picture, we sang, ate his donut cake, and opened presents.  He was fine for it all and about 20 minutes after we were done he was laying on the floor again.  Not feeling well.  I put him back to bed.  Hopefully he will be feeling better tomorrow.  I always worry when he gets sick, because when he gets sick, he really gets sick.

You would never know he was sick from looking at this picture.

First and 2nd birthday comparison.  He could barely sit up on his own in his one year picture.
Waiting for Dad to light the candles.
Got a little help to blow out the candles 

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

-is crawling and pulling up, but not walking independently
-dares to venture off the blanket and onto the grass and cement
-can climb up stairs, but not go down them
-can say:  shh, bite, up, bye, da da, ball, book, dog, cat, mmm
-signs:  mom, milk, dad, water, more, cookie, cracker, all done, eat, drink
-knows how: fold arms, vroom car, give kiss, brush hair, wave, jump, ssss for snake
-loves to wave and laugh
-gives great hugs and pats your back when doing so
-is learning that when you cry you get a reaction
-happy go lucky

Friday, June 6, 2014

{D.A.R.E. to be great}

Owen earned his D.A.R.E. award and his Young American award this year.  To earn the Young American award, he had to memorize all 50 states and their capitols, memorize all of the presidents in order, memorize the Gettysburg Address, answer 100 questions about American history, and some other things.  He worked hard and is happy with his accomplishments!  Way to go Owen!

Every year the 5th graders get to do a report on a state.  Owen got the state of Florida.  Here he is pulling his Florida State Wagon in the state float parade around the school. 

Only one more week of school left!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

{Summer Time Itch}

Summer can't come soon enough.  Pretty soon this will be all day everyday!


Saturday, May 31, 2014

{Weekly Randomness}

*I ran 10 miles for the first time ever in my entire life.  And I survived.  And I wasn't crazy sore the next day.  Go me!

*Eli: "I don't listen to mom's. I only listen to dad's." As he sits sipping on the Capri Sun that I told him he couldn't have until lunch time.

*I got a letter of subpoena in the mail.  I got out of testifying.  But got a phone call saying that they turned it over to another city as it was on the boarder of two cities, and that I would be getting another letter.  blah.

*No need to teach your kids about male and female body parts, female relationships, and the art of making out. Just send them to your local Recreation Center or to Lagoon.

*Some type of critter-vole, mole, varment, is making nice little pathways in our backyard.  I don't like it.

*It seems like everyone is at Lowe's and The Home Depot buying flowers right now.  I love spring!

*I've been a bit of a scatter brain.....Got Gavin off to soccer practice, then headed to Isaac's basketball game (where they won), hurried home and got Eli changed and picked up Owen, cut thru the neighborhood and luckily ran into Lindsay who brought Gavin home from soccer practice, rushed to eli's preschool program/graduation with all kids in tow, hip-hip hooray-my little Jack horner graduated, immediately left as soon as we could, had to skip dinner as we didn't have time, and booked it to Isaac's 2nd basketball game (for the championship), his team won and Isaac played the best he's ever played, then we headed home to finish up Gavin's, Abe Lincoln, wax museum get up, and finally eat dinner. It seems like the crazy never ends.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

{It's Official.....}

Our first born son is officially a teenager.  Let the fun times begin!
Isaac had an ice cream themed birthday party.

The invite~

The crazy bunch

Dice game to see what toppings you got to put on your ice cream.  You had to roll a 5 before you could do anything. 

Toss me a scoop-each teamed raced to throw a ball in each ice cream cone. 

 Ice cream cone creations.  Each team built a fort out of ice cream cones and frosting.

It ended up being a crazy day as Kurt was at work during the party, I got a phone call late the night before asking if I could take dinner to a sister that I visit teach, and I was on carpool duty right before the party. 
Somehow, I pulled everything off without a hitch.  As I was pulling into the driveway from delivering dinner one of the mom's stopped me and said that the first thing her son said when he got in the car was how much fun he had.  YES!  Success!

Friday, May 16, 2014

{Can I goto Kindergarten Yet?}

Yes, yes you can, Eli!
Last day of Preschool for this kid.  Onto bigger and better things!
At Eli's preschool graduation, they did a Mother Goose program.  Eli was little Jack Horner, and did an awesome job on his part.
Eli's preschool is about 45 seconds away from our house.  Best decision ever as far as making it easy to get him there quickly, and super easy for those last minute running late days.  He really liked his teacher, Miss Lockwood.
Eli was in the older preschool class without any prior preschool experience.  He struggled the first half of the year to get all of his letters down and to write his name, mainly his last name.  Things seemed to click the second part of the year.  He really caught on to all of his letters and writes his name really well.  He can count to 30 and knows all the sounds the letters make and knows his numbers by site.  He may be the youngest kindergartner next year, but he is super stoked to be going to the big school, just like his brothers.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

{Run For Vision 5k}

Kurt helped organize the Davis Vision first annual 5k charity race, Run For Vision.  It was our first family 5k.  All the kids did well!  Even Eli.  He ran most of the way.  Isaac had to miss it as he had a basketball game.  It was fun!  We were rewarded with water bottles and breakfast. 


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