Wednesday, February 5, 2014

20 Months.
Finn got a haircut today.  He screamed and cried the whole time.  I had to have Eli hold his hands while I buzzed with the clippers as quickly as I could.
He was also super smiley and laughy today.
He loves to point at things.  We are teaching him where his nose, eyes, mouth, ears and hair is.  He is getting good at pointing at them when we ask him where they are.
He has 4 teeth coming in, and just got his 2 back molars all the way in.  Hopefully he will start chewing his food more before swallowing it whole.  I am trying to get him off of formula and have been feeding him more table food (which he loves), and a couple of sippies/bottles a day.  We got him drinking out of a straw.  Yes!  Which is recommended by therapists to help with speech.  We still have to watch him closely when eating so that he doesn't choke, as sometimes he doesn't chew his food.  We have a therapist coming in a couple of weeks to watch him eat and swallow.
He is doing really well with crawling on all fours and pulling himself up to a standing position while holding onto something.  We are starting to work on getting him to walk with a push toy walker.  I was anxious for him to get walking, but I have shifted gears and I really think it important to get him talking and communicating.  I know the walking will come.  Speech.....He's going to have to work doubly hard for that one.  He can say hi, dada, hi kitty (not totally clear), and he can sign "more".
Overall, he is doing wonderfully.  He has been healthy this winter and has hardly been sick, granted, I've been super anal and cautious about taking him out and quarantine him to his room when needed.  He does need to have a sleep study done to check his sleep apnea, an EKG & and echo to check his heart, and we are currently working on his hearing.  He is still wearing his bone conductor.  I have been putting the first two procedures off as we have to pay out of pocket for them and they are not cheap.  But hopefully we will get them done this year.
He still proves to be very patient.  He has learned how to tolerate noise, and he seems to not be sensitive to it like he used to be.  We took him to the Jazz game and he did great, as does equally as well when we take him to the boys' basketball games.  He loves to wave to people and say hi.  He is a joy and delight.  He is easy, loves to crawl and play, and has a super cute laugh.   ♥

Sunday, February 2, 2014

{Gavin gets Baptized}

February 1, 2014
Gavin's baptism day was wonderful.
He looked so cute in his whites.
There was such a nice spirit there.
On the information sheet read by the Bishopric:
favorite primary song:  The Golden Plates
favorite scripture story:  Daniel in the lions den.  He liked this story because there were lions and they didn't eat Daniel because he prayed.
favorite food:  Mom's homemade pizza
3 words that describe Gavin:  Happy-go-lucky, kind, & responsible.
3 interesting facts about Gavin:  He has a pet tarantula named Zenda Peterson, he likes to be in the kitchen cooking, & he can do a pretty good Nacho Libre' impression.

These pictures were taken after we had gotten home from the baptism.  This is everyone who came.  Helena was the only one from my side of the family who made it, everyone else was from Kurt's side of the family.  My parents are away for a month long excursion in Hawaii.  yeah, it's a rough life.
Speaking of Hawaii, there was a girl in another ward who was also getting baptized.  Here is her Hawaiian middle name:
For reals!
After the baptism, we came back to the house and had milk and cookies.  These flowers were the only picture I got of my cute display.
Everyone hung around and went to the Isaac's and Gavin's basketball games.  They both played really well.  And then we went and ate at IHOP.  It was the perfect day, really!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

{Party Time}

Gavin invited 6 friends over for his birthday party.  We had an ice cream/cup cake decorating party.

First on the agenda was to make the aprons.  They turned out really cute!  I used my Silhouette to cut stencils, and then the boys painted their names and mustaches on.

Then we decorated cupcakes and made ice cream concoctions with a million toppings.  We played sixes, a dice game, to see how many toppings they got to put on their ice cream.

I had other games lined up, buy all they wanted to do was go outside and play guns.  OK.  Go right ahead!  They LOVED it!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

{Gavin turns 8}

This handsome fella is another year older, and will be getting baptized soon.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

-Slays on the basketball court
-Loves to hold Mangy Butternubs
-Is a noisebot
-Has a fake laugh that will make you laugh
-Loves to eat
-Is shy if he doesn't know you
-Likes to hang out with his older brothers
-Is good at math and reading
-And loves to be in the kitchen cooking

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

{Sick of being sick}

I'm going on day 5 now of being bedridden with sickness.  We came home early from Idaho when I went to bed with a sore throat, an achy body , and a snotty nose.  It cut our trip short.  In fact we would still be there right now.  Curses!  But alas it has given me time to catch up on the ol' blog.  I have slowly been going back to January and filling in the gaps up until now, July.  I still have a lot to do, but it looks like I will be here for at least another day. 

My cold doesn't seem to be getting better.  In fact, last night I started to wander if it was turning into pneumonia.  Curses Again!  Along with a cough that will not go away, I have a serious case of awesome bed head going on and I haven't brushed my teeth in 3 days.  Gross, I know.  Please, nobody come to my door. 

Poor little Finn seems to be picking up a couple of my symptoms.  I'm trying to keep him away, but it's nearly impossible with Kurt being gone at work.  Kurt has been a gem.  He has even cooked dinners.  Yes, that was dinners with an "s".  He's not much of a cooker, but he's done great.  He has also kept us stocked up on Keebler cookies.  He has no problem doing that.

I've been able to get caught up on HGTV.  Suddenly I have an urge to demo something and remodel.  I've also busted throught a few more levels of Candy Crush, and I've been getting better at Scramble.  I also got all of our bills paid and spent quite a bit of time on the phone with different various places trying to fix their mistakes.  Today I think I'll veer away from the t.v. and go the Youtube route and learn more about my phone.  Oh, and yes, I will brush my teeth.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

{Boston Marathon}

Today as I went to run at the gym, I noticed on every t.v. that there was something going on in the news.  As I began my run, and turned on my monitor, I learned about the 2 bombs that went off at the finish line at the Boston Marathon.  As I continued to run, more and more details began to come out.  Three dead and hundreds injured.  As I ran, my adrenaline was pumping.  I got chills.  Here I was running, watching runners who have trained for months for their day in Boston, only to have it taken away from them.  Some of them possibly hurt or maimed.  We still don't know the how and why's yet. 
This photo has been going around the internet.  This shows some runners that are almost to the finish line and the explosion on the left. 

I began running 9 weeks ago.  I wouldn't put myself anywhere near the same level as the Boston runners, but just knowing how much, how long, one must train to even qualify, makes me so incredibly sad for those who were running.  To have made it to "The Boston Marathon" was probably a dream, a goal for many. 

What a sad thing to have happened today.  For the runners, the spectators, for our country. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

{Down Syndrome Weekend Momma Get-A-Way}

I am lucky to be affiliated with a group of Mom's who all have children with Down Syndrome.  Every once in a while, we do weekend get-a-ways to get together and hang out.

This weekend we went to Heber, UT. 

Like any get-a-way there was food, games, dining, talking, and late nights.  Here is the house we stayed in.  It was a friend of a friends.  It is their 2nd home.  Home away from home.  I want a 2nd home....... 

This is a picture of everyone that came.  All of these pictures were taken by someone else.  I copied and pasted them to my blog.

All of these ladies are amazing and are a vault of valuable information.  I learn so much from them. 
We ate at the Blue Boar Inn for breakfast.  Here is Amy, Emily, Heather, and Me.

Jodi, Jeana, Heather, and Emily.  We were running on very little sleep.  Our reservation was for 9:30 a.m.  I know some didn't goto bed until 5 a.m.

After eating we rushed back home to watch a Doterra presentation.  I'm surprised we all stayed awake for it.  I must admit, I'm a bit of a skeptic.  Still don't know what to think about these essential oils that are so hot right now.  I will say that I was getting sick from all the different smells I had on me.  Blah!

Upstairs there was a room set up with home made jewelry that the next door neighbor makes.  We were able to shop and buy.  I bought a few pieces.  Super cute, right.

We went swimming at the Crater.  The water was 95 degrees and it was humid.  Whenever I've gone to Heber/Midway, I've always wanted to swim in it.  It was worth doing it one time.  The water was super clear.  It was like a mineral soak.  There was a scuba class going on, and we saw a couple just after the guy had proposed.  I wouldn't say it was the most romantic place to propose......  It was a little claustrophobic for me.  It is in the middle of earth.  Not the earth, but earth.  And it didn't help that it was humid and the water hot.  I started feeling queasy.  I had to get out and go outside for some fresh air.
So clear.

This is the top of the crater, looking up from the inside.  I'm not sure how wide the opening is, but thank goodness there was a little bit of light coming in.  I don't think I could have swam if it was literally in the earth.  Maroon 5 comes to mind when I think about being in the earth-It's getting harder and harder to breathe.

Before we went swimming at the crater, the night before, I started feeling like garbage.  I ate sugar.  Not a lot, but more than I normally eat in a typical day.  For the last 8 weeks, I've been trying to eat good.  My stomach actually hurt.  It was weird.  I now know what it's like to "feel" good and then feel the consequence of ruining all my work of healthy eating.  Definitely makes me think twice about eating junk.

My favorite thing about getting away with these ladies is the stories and information that I glean and can add to my book of things that will help me in raising Finn.   It's a nice outlet to have.

When I got home, I saw that all of the blinds were dusted.  They were SO DUSTY.  Kurt told the boys that he'd pay them to wipe them down.  Slat by slat.  11 windows worth.  It was awesome!  Little Finny was so excited to see me.  He was all smiles and laughs.  Kurt had just given him a bath and his hair was sticking straight up all over.  He's so awesome!


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