Monday, March 3, 2008

1st Trade

$2 Dollar Journey: ***EDITED 3/05/08: Made 1ST TRADE plus added a picture of an offer that's already been made on the lotion.

So I have carefully examined all trade offers that were on the table. I have made a decision and am in the processes of trading as I type this. I will have possession of my new trade item tomorrow night. I will post a write up along with a picture. I think it was the best offer and one that I can trade up. A trade worth trading. Stay tuned!!!

Last night I picked up the first trade of my $2 dollar journey! When trying to decide what item to choose I based it on what would ship well, what would people want, and what would be a trade up.

I appreciate all the offers that were made. I really do! Some of you may not agree with the choice I went with, BUT I decided to go with Rochelle's offer of some Bath and Body Works lotion.

What girl doesn't love smelly lotion? And Bath and Body Works lotion at that? Now guys, don't go thinking that this couldn't come in handy for you-becasue it totally could! Your spouse or girl would totally love it if you gave them this. And you would love it too because she smells so good wearing it. This isn't your cheap dollar store smelling lotion. This comes from a well known, highly reputable company and normally retails for $10.50 a tube.

The fragrance is Japanese Cherry Blossom. It is a sweet smell and well, it smells like cherry blossoms. This is an 8 oz. tube of body cream. Well, make that 7 oz. of body cream. I must admit, Rochelle and I both tried it out. It comes in a pretty red tube with white japanese cherry blossoms on it (see picture above).

You know you want it! Make me an offer I can't resist and the lostion is yours. The trading table is now open and will remain open for the next 12 days. Simply comment on this post or email me with your offer.

If you are totally lost click here to get caught up!

**Just had my first offer come in. Here is a pic. Read in the comments for description.


My Three Sons said...

Nice....can't wait to see what you get! I'm intrigued! Also...your husband must have good taste in music, eh? Vern is slowly coming along :0) Hope you all get better soon. Don't you hate the disgusting laundry that goes along with the stomache virus? I did 3 loads in the middle of the night Saturday, because I couldn't stand having the stuff sit around....Yuck!!

Anonymous said...

Come on already, tell us! I'm so curious!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I will send you one handpainted wine glass - value $20.

Good luck. Have fun.
Mitzi-Orange County, CA

Anonymous said...

I love this idea!!! I make wire wrapped jewelry, would love to trade a piece for your good smelling lotion

Boise, ID

khepworth said...

Sammi: I would love to see a picture of the piece you would like to trade. Can you send a picutre? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have a gold ring size seven with a couple small diamonds my parents found it in the mountains a couple of years ago.


Anonymous said...

I will get you a pic by tommorow night I think it would be fun to retrade.



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