Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Unexpected Visitor

Most days I welcome the unexpected knock at our door, but lately I have found that I have been cringing whenever I hear that loud BAM-BAM-BAM! (Our doorbell is broken.) We don't get many visitors at our house. So, when someone does come and I'm not prepared, i.e. house is a disaster and I look like crap, I tend to want to go into freeze mode to hinder any sound or movement that may give away the fact that I really am at home. Since I have kids I can't do this because I am always trying to beat them to door whispyelling at them in the loudest possible whisper, "Don't get the door yet!" I figure that from the time someone knocks I have about 15 seconds to clear as much of the mess as possible.

Usually I'm on top of things and could care less if someone just drops in. But I have my times where I get in ruts, and the thought of someone coming over makes me want to hurl! Like the past week or so. I have been busy, haven't been in my normal cleaning routine, and haven't been taking the time to put on the makeup or get dolled up. Of course it times like these that you get the unexpected visitor.

This past week I have encountered 3 different types of unexpected visitors while in my chaotic state of a messy house, dirty kids, and ugly self.

Unexpected Visitor Type 1: This is the type of visitor that calls you and asks if they can swing by and visit you. This type is really my favorite kind of visitor. At least they give you warning. And you can even set the visiting terms with them. "Sure you can come over, just give me 30 minutes (or however long) I am just finishing up blah, blah, blah....." Ya, finishing cleaning up that messy house you never cleaned in the first place. HA! I find that I can get more cleaning done in one hour knowing that someone is coming over to visit than I can in a whole day sometimes. This type of visitor does have it's benefit if you want a clean house fast!

Unexpected Visitor Type 2: This type of person just drops in when you least expect it. Of course this is the day you decide that you don't feel like cleaning, and you don't care what your kids look like, and even though you just got done working out you have to goto the door because your kid beat you to it and answered it. These are my least favorite types of visitors. Especially when it's your landlord. Seriously! How did he know to come on the day that you decided not to clean? And you actually disciplined yourself to work out right before he gets there, so you look and probably smell like crap? And of course your kid would be wearing yesterday clothes stained with who knows what, and has a koolaid laden mustache that is plastered with snot! Talk about WT! Ya, when you are not on your game, Visitor Type 2 is the worst visitor to have.

Visitor Type 3: This is the type of visitor that you don't mind dropping in at any time no matter what the circumstance is. These types of visitors would be your friends. That is how you know they are your friends, because they still come over when you are a wreck and they could care less. In fact I think they like to come over and catch you off your game because it reminds them that not everyone lives in a perfect world.

If you are a type 2 visitor and catch me on an off day, I will always answer my door and welcome you. It may not be a pretty sight and you may encounter a foul smell, but please don't be offended if I don't invite you in and I make you stand outside.


Anonymous said...

In the event that visitor #2 comes by, I think your family is technically called WHT--White, Hawaiian Trash.

(part of a JWT family)

Rochelle said...

I seriously hope I am of the type three. When I "pop in" have I ever been ready for the day complete with makeup and hair done? No I have not. I admit I'm just escaping the disasters of my own house, life, what have you...

Brittney said...

I wish I lived closer to you so that I could be one of those #3 type visitors : )

Lee Family said...

That's why you keep a baseball cap right by your front door so if you get any unexpected visitors, you just throw it on and at least you look like you sort of got ready for the day . . . works every time.


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