Friday, February 8, 2013

{Slam Doh!}

I didn't see it, but I heard it.  The garbage man hit our hoop with the garbage can as he was hoisting it into his truck. A sad, sad, day for the boys.  We had just put this hoop in 6 months ago.  The boys, along with the entire neighborhood, play on it  The rim was bent upward and the backboard shattered. 

Although I don't know exactly if our garbage cans were too far under the hoop (which we are very careful to push them out past the hoop), I didn't think that they would pay for the damages.  But it was worth a shot.  I filled out the necessary paperwork and sent pictures in and waited. 

During our waiting period the boys were so bummed.  The hoop wasn't even a little bit playable.

Surprisingly, one day, I got a phone call from an insurance agent who said that they would cover the cost of everything.  A great phone call.  Six hundred and fifty dollars later, we have our new hoop installed.

And life is back to normal.

Five months later and I think we finally have every piece of glass cleaned up.  Glass was everywhere.

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