Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weekly Randomness

*There's othing like walking into the kitchen after telling your son to clean the crumbs off the counter top and floor to not only finding him sweeping the floor, but sweeping the counter top too.....with the broom.

*Mom just got out of the hospital last night, and had her first good nights rest in 3 1/2 weeks. Granted she was in the hospital 2 1/2 weeks longer than we anticipated, we are SO HAPPY and GRATEFUL that she is home!

*I just looked up the kid's insurance claims for this last year.  Each of them have 2 claims for the year, except for Finn-he has 54......and that's only for 6 months (he was born in June). Crazy!

*Kurt will be heading to South Beach, Florida for his yearly get together with his buddies.  He will be gone over Valentine's day.

*Isaac still refuses to cut his hair.

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