Tuesday, October 2, 2012

{Let's start from the very beginning.....}

Which was only 4 short months ago.

31 for 21 blog challenge day 2.

It was a hot summer afternoon in June.  We went to church, came home and ate, did our usual vegging out routine which consists of watching t.v. and napping, and just lazily grazed in the kitchen.

"Come on" Kurt said.  "We're going on a walk.  We gotta get this baby here."

He dragged me (literally) up the hills in my neighborhood.   We went down the street and back up.  Not very far.  But it was far enough for me!  I was hot, tired, exhausted, and out of breath!

Needless to say, baby was not too impressed as there was no sign of wanting to make an entrance into this world yet.

The next day I had a Dr. appointment.  "Good news!  I'm betting that I will be seeing you tonight and delivering a baby."  Serious.  Are you serious?  Saweet!  Two and half weeks early, I'll take it!

I called Kurt and told him the news.  "Perfect.  We can get this little guy here and I can still make it to my conference on Wednesday."  That was what we were hoping for, as Kurt had to attend a conference in Midway.  The  registration alone cost him a pretty penny and we didn't want to lose out on that money as it was to late to get a refund.  The timing couldn't have worked out better.

Well.  Monday night came, and Monday night went.  No baby.  And Tuesday day came and Tuesday Night followed.  Still no baby. 

At this point we were nervous because Kurt's conference was the next day, Wednesday.  And there was no way I was letting him go if this baby hadn't come.  Wednesday morning Kurt called the conference people and gave them some spiel, and was able to get out of the conference AND get this money refunded.  (thank you!)  Now to just get this baby here as Kurt had Wednesday to Sunday where he didn't have to go into work.  Just enough time to have a baby, get home, and get settled before sending him back to work.

I went to Target that afternoon to pick up some last minute baby items.  Upon my arrival I found Kurt sitting in a chair, basking in the sun while reading a book, and watching the littles play in the yard.  He was anxious upon my arrival.  "What if this baby doesn't come while I have this time off of work?  I'm feeling guilty because I took time off of work to goto the conference, but I'm not going, and I could be at work.  And then I may have to take more time off work if the baby doesn't come before Sunday."  (He was planning on taking time off of work, just not this early and so close to already taking time off for the convention.  It kind of messes up the scheduling at work.)  We made the decision to call the doc and see if an induction was an option with this short of notice. 

By the time we made the decision, it was too late and I couldn't get a hold of my doctor.  We decided to call in the morning. 

After dinner we decided to go on a walk.  Kurt was going to walk me to my death trying to get this baby here.  We walked around our neighborhood.  Surprisingly I wasn't tired or having to be pulled up the hills.  I had an abundance of energy.  We decided to keep walking.  We walked up into the neighborhood above us all the way to the end of the road.  We walked for about 2 hours, I'd guess.  And I was still doing fine for the most part.  I wasn't completey exhausted like I was on the last walk we went on.

When we got back, our neighbors were outside so we stopped and chatted with them for a while.  After a while I finally went in.  It was 10:45 p.m.  Kurt stayed outside for a while longer and chatted it up.  Me, I was on the computer googling ways to induce labor.  And man, there is some weird stuff one can do.  I did try one method.  I won't say which.  But I seriously believe that it worked. 

Kurt came in the house around 11:30 and went downstairs and watched t.v. 

I started having contractions, but wasn't sure if it was true labor.  I started timing them.  After about 30 minutes, they seemed to be consistent, but they were a little up and down so I wasn't completely sure, thinking that they may be Braxton Hicks.  At midnight I told Kurt that this may be it, but still wasn't 100% sure.  We decided that we were going to go to the hospital anyway, even if it wasn't true labor hoping that they could tell me how close I was and hoping that they would just keep me there. 

I finished packing up my suitcase, got the kids situated, and we hopped in the car. 

On the way to hospital, the contractions were spot on consistent.  Three minutes apart, each one lasting 30 seconds.  This was it.  I knew it was true blue labor.

It was go time.....

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