Sunday, September 9, 2012

{Blessings From Above}

One week ago we blessed Finn at church.  It was fast Sunday.  I fasted that day for Finn, for a spiritual experience, and for the courage to bear my testimony and not be nervous.  The Lord did not disappoint, as the entire day I was on a spiritual high. 

We were at Kurt's family reunion in Eden, UT, about an hour and half away that weekend.  We drove back to our house Saturday night so we could be ready in time for church the following morning.  All of Kurt's family who were at the reunion left at 7 a.m. to get to the church for the blessing. 

Kurt gave Finn a really beautiful baby blessing.  One that was far different from our other children.  The Spirit was so strong. 

Early morning picture before heading off to the church.
When it was the testimony portion of the meeting, Kurt and I walked up together and each of us bore our testimony.  My prayer was answered as I didn't feel quite as nervous as I thought I would.  When we were done, we walked back to our seats holding hands. 

We both appreciated the comments that ward members made about the meeting and the blessing.  I was really wishing that my parents could have been there as well as my brothers and sister. 

Five boys.....who would have thought?
After the meeting we drove back to Eden and continued on with Kurt's family reunion.  The rest of the day I/we were on a spiritual high.  Such a great feeling.  What a beautiful day.  One that I will never forget.


Lauri said...

I heard it was a beautiful blessing.

I love the picture of all your boys! What a great family you are.

Alicia said...

I didn't cry until I saw the picture of your 5 boys all together. I've always thought Finn was so lucky to have you and Kurt but now I see that picture and think he is also so lucky to have all those neat older brothers. What LOVE!! I love it!


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