Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{The Ultimate Kid Cave}

Last night the kids begged to do one last sleep over before school started.  (Starts tomorrow-EEKS!)  They concocted the Ultimate Kid Cave out of blankets and a trampoline.

Here they are:  Best neighborhood buds!

Isaac is always so great to let his little brothers hang out with him and his friends.

They ran an extension cord from the house so they could set up a projector and their PlayStation.  It was a Halo marathon.

Batman even showed up to try and scare them.  I think he was more cute than scary.

Good friends, junk food, video games, kid cave; memories made!

1 comment:

Carpenter's said...

I was just thinking about purchasing a trampoline for my boys and was searching online and did you know they have basketball hoops that you can attach and a tent!! Soo neat :) What fun memories!


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