Sunday, July 22, 2012

{Sunday Notes}

Kurt and Finn just getting home from church

- Today I learned that Owen wears his "normal" everyday clothes under his church clothes to church.  Shorts, t-shirt, and socks.  He does this so he can be the first one home and changed, and can be the first to do what he wants before his brothers get the chance.  I would not have discovered this, as his church suit is black and hides any hint of his everyday wear, except for when I was driving him home and he was in the back seat stripping off his church clothes.  "Don't worry Mom, I've got other clothes on already."  Oh, Good Owen......

-I also learned that no matter how hard you try to listen to the speakers in sacrament and ignore your kids, you should always really listen to what your child is saying to you.  Especially when your almost 3 year old says, "Mom, I just fawted." 

-Hair gel was invented for a reason.  When your child does his hair and it looks worse than when he woke up; you know it's a bad hair day.

-For some reason every Sunday before we leave for church, EVERY light in the house gets left on.  I end up having to run tip-toe run (so my heels don't mark up the floors) through the whole house and turn off EVERY light.  It is a pet peeve of mine.


Lisa said...

Love the pic and story, we just took some time out of our Canada fun to goo over the awesome picture of Finn and Kurt.

Taylor's said...

Owen just cracked me up - Don't worry Mom!

And I agree I run on my tip toes as well turning off every light and picking up everything that is out of place - super big annoyance to me!

Carpenter's said...

Oh you and Brian and your dang facial hair! Kanani what is it??!!


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