Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{Series of Unfortunate Events}

All the events are true.  All the people are real.  All of this happened within the last week and a half and still continues on.

 1.  Kurt gets sick with a cold for an entire week.  He never gets sick.  EVER.  Put him on the outs for a good 4 days.
 2.  Kanani jacks up lower back when bending over to pick up a wash cloth.  (A WASHCLOTH for Pete's Sake!) Put her on the outs for a good 4 days. (These were the same 4 days that Kurt was out with his cold.)
 3.  Eli woke up and puked in bed.  A one time fluke.
 4.  Kanani's back heals, but catches Kurt's cold.  Going on day 3 of being on the outs.
 5.  Isaac also catches Kurt's cold.  Going on day 4 of being on the outs.
 6.  Gavin runs to the bathroom to puke, but doesn't make it and pukes in the hallway.  Seems like a one time fluke.  (Happened 4 days after Eli's one time fluke.)
 7.  Kurt recovers from cold.  Has lingering symptoms.
 8.  Kanani & Isaac seem to be getting better.  (Can't the sickness process go any faster!?)
 9.  Kanani has to goto girls camp tomorrow.
10.  Kurt has to goto scout camp 4 days later.

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