Monday, May 7, 2012

{It's in the bag}

It had been one of those weeks, whether I was to buy anything or not, I needed to get out and look/shop around for anything that would match in Gavin and Eli's room or the baby's room or just plain for the baby. Luck was on my side, as I actually found some great items. This one in particular. A JJ Cole Black Magnolia Diaper Bag.  Normally priced at $50 I got this for a steal at $12.56. I wasn't even looking for a diaper bag, but this one is so much more nicer than the one that I had planned on using.  I was going to use the one that has gone through all 4 of my other boys. This is a major upgrade. 

We finally got the baby's room painted.  And we got the crib put together.  I am finally almost starting to get to the point of thinking about the fact that we are about to have a baby in just 7 short weeks.  And I am finally getting super excited to decorate the nursery.  Here's a sneak peak at our paint job.
We're going with a blue, brown, and white color pallet with a modern circle motif.  It will be nice to have another room tackled and finished in our house.

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