Sunday, May 13, 2012

{It's Mother's Day, today}

I dragged myself out of bed today, showered, got dressed, and shoved my fat feet into my black heeled church shoe sandals and headed off to church with the family in tow.

We had a nice sacrament meeting and all the Mother's were gifted a sweet smelling rose in honor of Mother's Day.  Somehow I ended up with three. 

After church was over, I scarfed down my P.F. Chang's left overs and savored every bite of my leftover cheesecake.  Which I think may have been a bad decision, as I started to feel ill shortly after.  And I still do.  I layed down and took a nap, but still woke up feeling blah.  Our house is hot too, so it doesn't help.

My feet and hands are extra swollen today.  The worst they have been yet with this pregnancy.  I talked Owen and Gavin into massaging them for a few minutes.  And then Kurt gave them a nice rub down.  aaaahhhhh!

Today has been a low key kinda day.  I got hand written notes and cards from the kids, and have just been chilling out all day. 

Poor Kurt had his Mother's Day gifts foiled by myself. He wanted to get me a rocking chair for the baby's room. The day he went out to find the one, when he got home, I said, "I want you to go check out this chair. I think I want to get it for the baby's room." waaaah, waaaah.

And here it is.  Isn't it a 'beaut!

Then since my sister in law was visiting we decided to go get pedicures.  Once again, Kurt's plan was foiled by yours truly.  waaaah, waaaah. 

Sorry babe.

At least I got what I wanted, I guess.

As I sit typing this, I've moved out onto our front patio where I can see all the kids playing basketball on the new hoop that Kurt and our neighbor, Jeremy, put in.  Kurt is teasing and destroying them at games of lightning.  It is much cooler outside than it is inside.  I still feel crummy, but the cold air helps.  A golf ball that Eli was playing with started to roll down the street.  Kurt went to fetch both it and Eli.  They have been gone for at least 20 minutes......must have run into some neighbors.  Everyone has finished playing ball and has gone into the house.  It is peacefully quiet and starting to get dark.  The city lights are glistening brighter, and I am enjoying the sounds of the night on this Mother's Day.

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