Thursday, April 26, 2012

{Martin's Cove-the adventure}

The kids loved being in the middle of nowhere with no restrictions. They ran and ran and ran. Literally. One of their favorite things to do was to try to catch one of the many wild rabbits that were hopping around.   None of them were fast enough to catch one.   They did get close, but never caught one.

Another favorite thing that they really enjoyed was looking through Grandpa's binoculars to find antelope and deer.  They were everywhere. 

While we were there, there was another missionary couple who had family visiting for the Easter weekend too.  They had a large family.  Mom said this was the biggest primary that they've had at Martin's Cove.  This family that was visiting had a daughter get baptised in the Sweetwater River.  It was a super windy day and it was chilly.  From the look on the girls face when she came up out of the water, and the cry she let out; I would say that the water was even colder.  They also blessed their baby son while they were at Martin's Cove too.  A special weekend for them.

Easter day, after church, we had nice lunch with all the people at Martin's Cove (missionaries and any visiting families) in the barn.  We had an Easter egg hunt.

We also flew kites and rode horses.

We went for a ride in the rover on the Martin Cove trails and then came back for a hot dog roast at the ranch hand's house.  The ranch hand has two little boys-Wyatt and Tapp.  When asked where they live they tell people that they live by Rattlesnake Pass, which is right by Devil's Gate, and they attend Poison Spider elementary school. (All real places.) Ha, ha.  Basically they live in the middle of no where.

Before we left to come home we went to Independence Rock.  This was a landmark for the pioneers.  It was said that if they could make it to Independence Rock by July that they would be in the clear and the weather wouldn't be a factor.  Unfortunately, (if I'm correct) they didn't make it to Independence Rock until October, and the winter weather set in and many suffered and died. Many of them signed/carved their names in this huge massive rock.  Several names are still there today. 

Eli took off without hesitation.  He followed his brothers and Grandpa had to chase him down.  It's steeper than you think and there was no way he could do it without help.  They went all the way to the top. 

Here they are taking a break on the way down.

Grandma and Grandpa had a plethora of hats for the boys to wear.

Owen enjoyed channeling his inner cowboy.

Out time at Martin's Cove went fast, but it was a great trip.  I know the boys had a great time and hopefully they will remember the stories that Grandma and Grandpa told them about our Pioneer heritage.

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