Thursday, April 19, 2012

{Martin's Cove-the arrival}

Over Easter weekend I took the boy's to Martin's Cove to visit my parents who are there serving a mission. Kurt had to stay home and work. He did let us take the new Silver Steamer though. It took us longer to get there because I wouldn't let the boys eat in the car. Ha, ha. We had to drag everyone in wherever we went for a quick bite, which is quite the feat.

On the drive there, I managed to hit a construction cone that was laying in the middle of the road. It came out of no where. What in the heck was it doing in the middle of the road! I had looked down at something Isaac dropped and WHAMO! Clunk, Chunk, Clunk. We drove right over top of it. Whoopsie! I did pull over at a gas station and had Owen look under the car to see if he could see any damage or anything hanging down that shouldn't be. "Looks Good," he said. For some reason I just wasn't buying it. I got down on my pregnant hands and knees and scoped it out for myself. Sure enough, it "Looked Good." I couldn't believe that I had just hit a cone going 75 mph with our new car..... Yes, I did fess up and tell Kurt.

Martin's Cove greeted us with 40-50 mile per hour winds. Which is what our entire stay consisted of-wind. It was worse than being in Rexburg. I guess it's normal. But boy it sure was cold. Even though the temperatures were 70's and 80's it was freezing. We brought our winter gear, which came in handy.

When we got there we took the boys for a little stroll with the handcart to give them a taste of Pioneer life.
Here we are with Grandma and Grandpa.
We were happy to have finally made it there!

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