Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{Happy Birthday, Owen}

It was Owen's birthday on Friday. He turned nine years old. Some things you should know about Owen is that he is funny. He is alot like his dad. He HATES to clean, and is always trying to get out of doing it. He claims to be one of the best soccer players out on the field at recess, and says that there are 3 girls in his class that like him. He loves to play video games and says "" all the time. It actually drives me nuts. He is tender hearted and sensitive to the spirit. He is independent and you will often find him off by himself doing his own thing. When with friends he can get a little too goofy and not know when he's gone too far. He is getting his basketball shot down is about to earn his bear badge in scouts. His favorite food is beef stroganoff and he likes to sing. He often wakes up at 2 or 3 in the morning and watches t.v. until he falls back asleep. He is very artistic and likes to create things and draw. He still thinks that new shoes make him run faster and jump higher. He is pretty much one big ball of awesomeness.

Owen wanted to goto Santa Monica Pizza for his birthday dinner, but when we got there they were closed due to a power outage that had shut down a few other stores too. So we told Owen to pick somewhere else to eat. We told him he could go anywhere he wanted. Johnny Carino's, Joe's Crab Shack, Chili's, Olive Garden-you name it.

We drove around for a while trying to decide where to eat. All of us were starving, and I was super hungry and getting grumpy and annoyed that we couldn't decide on a place to eat.

Just pick somewhere Owen. It's your birthday, you can choose to go wherever you want. Ummmm......I want to goto McDonald's. Inside the Walmart.......

SERIOUS. Of all the places you could go, you want to goto McDonald's- inside of Walmart no less! I told him No. That there was no way I could do it. I was super annoyed.

Of course Kurt was like this is awesome! You should be relishing this moment. And then Kurt had to put me in my place and told me to think about who I was thinking about at the moment. I told I was thinking of myself. And that I didn't want to eat at McDonald's.

Well, it was the birthday boy's wish to eat at McDonald's inside of Walmart. And so it was. And there I sat eating a number 7 and downing my Dr. Pepper. Although I was annoyed, at least the birthday boy was happy.

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