Sunday, January 1, 2012

{Eventful New Year Day}

We welcomed the new 11 o'clock schedule as we tiredly woke up and got ready for church. They announced in sacrament meeting today that there were going to be some boundary changes within our ward and stake, and that the official announcement would be made next Sunday at 5 o'clock. We are excited/curious to know what the changes are going to be. We've never experienced a ward split before. Our neighbor, who has lived here for 14 years, has experienced 14 ward changes. Our area has been growing like crazy!

After church we all came home and ate left over Panda Express and took a snooze. When we got up, we decided that the day was too nice to stay inside. It was seriously the sunniest, nicest day. It is so weird not to have any snow. Personally, I like it. So we decided to go pay Auntie Katie a visit. After visiting with her, since she lives so close to Temple Square, we decided to go look at the lights. Apparently it was the last day that they would be on. I'm so glad we went. I've been wanting to go forever and we never went and we never went. We made it there at 9 o'clock at night. It was cold but so worth it because of what happened while we were there.

Something was going on in the Tabernacle. I wanted to take the kids in and listen to the music, but the doors were locked from the outside. We had to wait for someone to come out so we could go in. As the door flung open I was standing right there so I could grab it so it wouldn't shut. As the door opened out comes President Uchtdorf and his wife.

WHOA! I remember my eyes got big. And I said to myself, "That's Brother Uchtdorf." I then heard Kurt say, "It's President Uchtdorf and his wife." She replied with a "hello." And they walked past. Kurt said to the kids, "Go see if he'll shake your hand." Gavin, was like I'm not doing it, I'm too scared. Isaac was like no way. Owen, he ran to catch up with him and walked next to him. It was obvious that Brother Uchtdorf and his wife were making a b-line to get out of there. People were staring to notice it was him. Owen kept pace and asked him if he could shake his hand. I don't think he heard him, and Brother Uchtdorf patted him on the head and said Happy New Year. Owen still keeping pace again said, "Can I shake your hand," and Brother Uchtdorf while still walking shook Owen's hand.

It was so sweet. My eyes got watery as I saw the encounter. President Uchtdorf is tall, and Owen was so little just looking up at him. It was a sweet moment. One that I will never forget, as I'm sure Owen won't either. It was such an added bonus to our visit of Temple Square.

I left my camera at home :( we did manage to get a couple of pictures with Kurt's phone.

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