Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{Kurt Gets a Day Off}

Thanks to the holiday, Kurt got a day off of work.

It was another beautiful, sunny, snowless, winter day.

We woke up, vegged out, cleaned up, and headed out to do something fun. We ended up downtown at temple square; again. We walked around the visitor's center, then the Joseph Smith building, and then went and saw the Joseph Smith movie.

After the movie, we went to the Gateway to goto the Children's Museum (which was really what the kids wanted to do in the first place). By the time we got there, at 6 p.m. it was closed. Lame that it closes at 6. So we decided to go check out what was playing at the the movie theatre, but they all started too late and we didn't think Eli would sit through a movie. So we went into The Game Stop. To look. Big mistake. When we left we had one kid crying because we wouldn't buy him a game, and another one complaining that I owed him money. We decided to call it a night and just go home.

All of us annoyed that we didn't get to do "anything fun" rode home in silence. As we were driving I could see Airborn (a huge building with trampolines that are all connected) from the freeway. We had wanted to go there, but didn't think of it as something to do on our day off today. I mentioned it, and we ended up going there. It ended up being really fun, and the kids had a blast. Kurt even enjoyed himself. I enjoyed watching everyone and chasing Eli around. We topped it off with getting ice cream and going then going home.

Kurt's day off didn't go wasted.

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