Saturday, December 31, 2011

{Stale and Crusty....}

For New Year's Eve we had no plans. No parties to go to. No friends to hang out with. It was looking like a sad night for the Hepworth's. Although I don't mind hanging out and doing nothing, it was New Year's Eve after all.

Kurt's worst fear was about to come a reality. We had become Stale and Crusty.

Or had we.......

At a last minute ditch effort, we called 3 families from our old neighborhood and asked them if they had plans. And lo and behold, it looked as if they were just as stale and crusty as we were about to be.

But we saved them. We threw together a New Year's Eve shin dig at the last minute. The Hatches, the Rosenhans, and the Madsen's joined us for some Panda Express, games, and visiting.

It wouldn't be a New Year's Eve without playing the flour game.

We also added a new game to our bag-Noah's Ark, one that we learned from the Hillman Family. A new favorite of ours.

Well, we still got it. Not. Stale and Crusty. Yet.

1 comment:

Carpenter's said...

We have done the flour game for 2 years now! A new tradition, thanks to you. You will have to fill me in on the new game :)


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