Thursday, December 1, 2011

{There's No Hiding It}

With each pregnancy I show quicker with each one. This pregnancy is no different. I am at a point where my clothes are fitting tight. Since I haven't told anyone the news, my tight clothes aren't doing me any favors. I busted out my maternity bins.

I must have been a desperate pregnant person because some of my clothes are too short in the legs and some are just flat out outdated. I have limited resources at this point in my pregnancy where my normal clothes are too tight, but I'm not quite big enough for the majority of my maternity clothes.

Between too tight and too baggy, there's just no hiding it. Every Sunday I goto church I say, "today is the day, how can nobody notice with what I'm wearing." No one has said anything. They have to know...

I thought the same thing at Thanksgiving. They are so going to know. And Katie has been at our house a couple of times and there is no way she hasn't figured it out. But no one has said anything. I guess it's the smart/polite thing to do. Because who wants to put their foot in their mouth in front of a lady who may just be getting fat and really isn't pregnant.

1 comment:

Megan B ♥ said...

It's the smart/polite thing to do :) And you still look great!


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