Saturday, December 10, 2011

{Saturday Is a Busy Day}

Today was a marathon day.

It was our ward Christmas breakfast party and I signed up to make one of the many egg casseroles. This meant that I was up bright and early to get it into the oven. I followed the recipe just as instructed, but when I got it out of the oven it didn't look all the great. I took it to the party and quickly put it on the table and walked off. Thankfully, I used a disposable pan and didn't have to go back and claim my dish. Don't know if it got eaten or not. The fact that I used a disposable dish may have saved me some embarrassment.

Gavin played the part of the donkey in the nativity scene. He makes for a pretty cute little donkey. And did a great job.

Instead of having tables set up, everyone sat on the gym floor. Later that night my back killed. It felt like it was about to go out. I had to get the heating pad and just chill for the night. I'm pretty sure it was from sitting on the floor. Man, this body of mine is getting old.....

After the ward party Owen had a birthday party to goto. It was a hip hop themed party. He was so proud that he almost won the competition. It was between him and the birthday boy. It was a memorizing dance thing. He really does love to bust a move.

After I dropped Owen off I headed to Costco, then home for a short nap, then off to Isaac's basketball game. His team was crushing the other team. So bad, that the score keepers set both scores to zero and quit keeping score. When we got home this was when my back started hurting so it was to bed for me.

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