Friday, November 25, 2011

{Black Friday}

I am one of the crazies and went out on this freaky Friday of a night.

I am a smart, freaky, black Friday shopper. Last year I was the 2nd person in my checkout line and was out the door with everything I wanted in no time at all. This year-I was that same smart, freaky, black Friday shopper and had everything I wanted in my cart and was the first person in my checkout lane. Yes, the first.

The clock struck 10 o'clock and the beeping sounds of hundreds of items being rang up began to permeate the store. Things were going great for me until the checker got to my last 2 items which I was price matching. It was then that I learned that they would not price match other stores' ads until the time that those stores opened. <


They didn't do this last year.


I could have been out the door, in my car driving home, and going to bed. But no. They wouldn't budge. Wouldn't ring them up. I bribed her with a meal from the McDonald's, then money. She wouldn't take it.

So if I wanted the 2 items that I was price matching I was going to have to get back in the enormously long line and hope that it would be midnight when I got up to the checkout because that's when my price matching ad started.

I tried to outsmart them, and went to the back of the store to check out at the electronics department, because surely they wouldn't know about this price matching thing.

Boy was I wrong. They did know.

So I got in line a 3rd time and waited forever.

It took me 10 minutes to check out the first time I was in line. TEN MINUTES. I could have been out the door. But I found myself questioning if it was worth saving $60 to price match these 2 items 3 hours later while still standing in line.


By this time I was about to start to cry. I was tired of standing, and I was really feeling pregnant at this point. My feet were killing me. I stuck it out and eventually got my 2 items and got the hell out of there.

I think it was a poor move on the store's part to not price match until the store's ad started. That place was so congested with people just waiting to price match.

Needless to say- my smart, freaky, black Friday shopping was a total bust this year.

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