Saturday, December 10, 2011

{I Feel Grown Up}

Today I joined thousands of Americans and invested in getting a Costco card. It's the grown up thing to do, right? I even got suckered into getting the American Express card that they push on you upon signing on. As good as it sounds, I hope the Amex card is worth it.

I went to get my membership on a Saturday. And of course for those of you who know, Saturday is the worst possible day you could go to this mega monster store. But I took in the environment, the people, the hustle and bustle, and of course all the sampling that my taste buds could handle. Gavin has never been on a funner shopping trip. In fact I'm 100% sure I will not have to ever bribe him to goto that store.

I will say-had that nice man not been giving out samples of the Stevenson Candy Cane Hot Chocolate-I would have never bought it- at any store. I was leery of the peppermint flavor, but he had me sold. I bought one of the gigantic cans of it. It is DIVINE!

One reason I ended up getting a membership there is because I wanted to get my Christmas cards printed there. It was crazy cheap. Not only were they cheap, but they were a large size, came with envelopes, 4 picture calendars, and they allow you to create/upload your own card instead of using their templates. Awesome! From the time I sent my order in online they were done and completed withing 35 minutes. Now that's what I call FAST!

Now that I have the cards, all I have to do is address the envelopes and get them mailed. It will be nice to have that one marked off the list.

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Megan B ♥ said...

I had some of that very candy cane cocoa tonight... and it was, indeed, divine...


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