Saturday, December 24, 2011

{Christmas Eve}

It's Christmas Eve today.
There is no snow. It is bright and sunny, and the air is crisp.
All the presents are almost wrapped.
I have a couple of things to go buy for Christmas breakfast and dinner.
I have been sick and haven't really done any family christmas things throughout the past week. I hope to do some family stuff tonight. I'm 100% sure we will.
The kids are excited for tomorrow. It will be fun to watch/listen to how Eli reacts to all of the action tomorrow.
I can't believe it's already christmas.

I went to Walmart to get some last minute things. I pulled into the parking lot, and it was like going shopping on Black Friday. It was crazy how many people were there.
Because I have been sick, the house looks a mess. We've been trying to clean it so it's tolerable on christmas day. Don't want a messy house on Christmas Day.
I feel bad that I didn't get done what I wanted. All the neighbor gifts. Doing fun christmas things with the kids. Baking. Being sick this past week sucked the life out of me.
Happy Christmas Eve!

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