Sunday, October 2, 2011

{Weekly Randomness}

*Kurt sent me flowers. What a nice surprise. I liked that surprise.

*Facebook changed it's layout. Appearantly everyone thinks it's lame.

*Kurt and I went to the BYU/Utah game. BYU did terrible. We left before the 4th quarter even started. We had a fun night with friends nonetheless.

*We have Awesome friends.

*I haven't been able to sleep well for 2 nights in a row. It's really taking its toll.

*Upon Kurt's arrival home from work I told him that he had to take me out to dinner. He did. It was just what the Doctor ordered/what I needed.

*My kids are off track and have almost the entire month of October off. Thank goodness, I need a break.

*My calling is really weighing heavily right now. LOTS going on.

*Somedays the whole homework scene makes me want to quit the mother role. We even have homework to do while off track. It never ends.

*Kurt and I finally went to the temple together. Thank you Katie!

*For FHE we had the Kids make their Christmas wish lists. I can't believe there is only 86 more shopping days left....which reminds me-after 13 or so years, I FINALLY purchased new christmas stockings. They are cable knit sweater looking. Super cute!

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