Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A leave of absence

{Grandma and Grandpa K come to visit}

My parents, who are currently serving a mission at Martin's Cove, WY arrived at our house Sunday night. They were supposed to serve their mission from May to October (6 months), but they were asked to extend for another year. Because they weren't planning on being there during the winter months they had no winter clothing, and were given 2 weeks to come home and get some warmth. So we were able to see them for a couple of days before they had to move on down the road to Idaho.

Their attire for this mission is somewhat different from what a "normal" missionary would wear. My dad showed up in his white shirt, cowboy vest, bellow tie, and cowboy hat. My mom is supposed to be sporting a pioneer dress and bonnet, but opted for the more traditional attire while traveling. I'm just glad they didn't show up with all of their belongings in covered wooden wagon. A common form of transportation where they've been living.
Here is Eli sporting Grandpa's stetson.

We hope to get out there and visit them before their mission is over. Of course it won't be during those freezing cold winter months......No Sireee!


Megan B ♥ said...

How great that they were able to come see you for a quick visit! Ride 'em, Elder Cowboy!

Jon and Melissa said...

So much fun to see the missionary parent's while they are on their mission. What a cool mission!


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