Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Delight

I have taken delight in my Halloween Decorating this year. It is simple, cheap, and looks clean. My kind of decorating. I have slowly been gathering items to add to my small collection. Even though my collection is small, I LOVE every single piece that I have.
Although I have things scattered here and there throughout the room, here is what I delight in the most-my bookshelf display.

I enjoy the projects. And that's what most of this is. I am a thrift shopper. Paired that up with what I already had and this is the end result.

I bought this plate at the D.I. for .50 cents. I then cut out the haunted house with my Silhouette and put it on the plate. Propped it up with a dollar store easel, and called it good.

I love the little Pac Man Ghosts.

I bought this spider at Tai Pan for $3 bucks and printed off the along came a spider clip art from here and added it to a frame that I already had.

Here is another printable that I found here. They always have the cutest subway art for each holiday.

I LOVE this haunted tree. I bought it at Ross for $10 bucks. Definitely worth every penny.
The glass apothecary jar was a D.I. find at $3 bucks. I filled it with small, black styrofoam balls from the dollar store. I also found the black crow at the dollar store, too.

I pieced this creation together with a candlestick and plate from the D.I. for $1 buck for both pieces. I then added moss from the dollar store and added a decorative pumpkin for .75 cents.

I used my Silhouette once again to cut Halloween vinyl cutouts and adhered them to my candles. Once Halloween is over, I will simply peel them off and will have my original candles that I started with to redo for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
I still have some projects and things to finish up, but they can wait until next year. Right now I am lovin what I have going on. It's crafty, yet not too crafty. It's orangey halloween, but not too orangey halloween. I've finally found balance in cutesy classy without the gorey cheesy halloween. It is a delight to me!


Carrie said...

Love your cute decor and that so much of it is hand crafted! I have that subway art in my home too :) And I am definitely liking the simple and clean look you have going on--I think I trim back on what I have out every year.

Alicia said...

So cute!!

Brittney said...

I have that same subway art sitting on my kitchen counter...still not framed and just three days to halloween. Oh well, there's always next year.

Everything looks so cute! Good job.

Megan B ♥ said...

Wow. Come decorate my house. Please.


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