Friday, September 16, 2011

{Weekly Randomness}

*I went to Tai Pan Trading. Man, I really shouldn't go in that store.

*I bought 50 lbs. of romas from bountiful baskets. I gots me some stuff to can and freeze. Bountiful Baskets should be called Happy Baskets. It just makes you smile/happy when you pick up your stuff.

*I wanted to take the kids to the fair. The day I decide to go it rains.....go figure.

*I finally mustered up some motivation to mop my wood floors.

*I may or may not have already started my halloween decorating. Hey, it'll take me a while to get it how I want it, and plus I want to enjoy it. (Normally by the time I get around to getting it up, around the middle of October, it's time to take it down.) It's such a short holiday. I am enjoying my little projects to get it underway, that's for sure.

*Watched Limitless from the Redbox. Man, that Bradley Cooper character sure is easy on the eyes.

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