Wednesday, September 14, 2011

$7 Dollar Leaf Wreath

The other day there was a change in the weather. We opened all of our windows and let the fall wind enter. It wasn't freezing, but it was a cool, welcomed breeze. It immediately made me long for fall to be here. I love the decor, the colors, and the smells. I found myself out and about shopping for halloween and fall decor.

At the dollar store I found some large crepe paper type leaves, and knew that they would make a great wreath. I bought them, got home and started researching wreaths on the internet. I found this one made with the exact leaves that I had just bought. It was perfect. Exactly what I wanted.

I then found this framed mirror at the D.I. for $2 bucks. The frame was perfect for my wreath.

I got out my glue gun and started gluing the leaves on. I ended up using 5 packages. These leaves are great because they have wire in them, and they look like real crinkled leaves.

I added felt circles to the back of the frame (the ones you use on furniture legs) so the frame wouldn't clank on the door every time it got shut. I love how it turned out! For $7 bucks, you can't beat that! I know it's only the middle of September, but I am anxiously waiting for October 1st to deck my porch out with pumpkins and the like.

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