Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekly Random-ness

*Eli speaks a language all his own. We haven't quite deciphered it, but we do know that when he answers no, he really means yes.

*I have been flying with Flylady for about a week, and so far, my bathrooms have stayed clean for the entire week, along with my bed being made almost every day, and my porch and patio have been cleaned up. Yay!

*I may or may not be feeling the pressure of having to teach the lesson in YW this Sunday, and trying to clean my house for my brother and his family to come visit that same afternoon, and try to pack for a quick trip to Idaho on Monday, all the while trying to prepare my talk that I have to give in Sacrament in a couple of weeks.

*I love having the kids back in school. They all have great teachers this year.

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