Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weekend Memorial Part 2

To see part one, click here.

On Memorial Day we visited the Hill Air Force Base Aero Museum.

My cute Family.

Jon showing off his ninja mad jabbing skills, while Melissa makes a ping pong ball hover in mid air! oooo, aaaahh.
Isaac and Henry take control of the plane.
Jon and Kurt deep in conversation.
More engaging conversation.
All the kiddos.

Me and Gavin.

Some sweet dudes.

Owen asking Kurt for some money for an ice cream.

Death by propeller.My man.

Waterfall in the canyon.

Before we left the cabin we had to get a couple more pictures to remember our adventure.

The Men.
Freaking hilarious
The Ladies.
Seriously, freaking hilarious.
Ok, so the laughing poses are both staged, but hilarious none the less.

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Anonymous said...

Some sweet dudes!!!


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