Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memorial Weekend

{Part I}

For Memorial Weekend we went to Eden, Utah and joined forces with the Kraus' and the Anderson's and rented a cabin at the foot of Powder Mountain Ski Resort.

Between our three families, there were 11 kids. But we all have little angels so the noise level was never a factor, and neither were the messes.

With 17 people under one roof there were a lot of cups and a lot of cans of soda to keep track of. I love this picture of all of our cups (with our names written on them) lining the window sill.

While the kids gallavanted and played......

So did the adults.......

Known facts about getting together with the Anderson's and the Kraus':
*Melissa always brings yogurt/fruit parfaits for breakfast.
*Natalie punishes/wails on the guitar.
*Usually whatever comes out of Kurt's mouth is not filtered.
*Jon can not remember the words to a complete song when playing the guitar.
*Kade wants the facts. He's a numbers guy, and wants things in chronological order.
*Kanani continues to be the observant silent type.


Jon and Melissa said...

Thanks for the good time. I love all the pics of the kiddos that you got. I will have to steal some of them. Until next time...I talked to Kurt's Mom at a shower last weekend and she said she would help me out with the dirty joke.

Anonymous said...

It was just a great weekend!! I love getting together with you guys, everything is just always easy and fun!!! love ya

kadek22@q.com said...

Wait I don't know why it keeps putting me as anonymous! ha ha


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