Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekly Random-ness

*I went to Target to do some shopping and when I came out the car wouldn't start. Colossal bummer. We narrowed it down to the starter and that it needs to be fixed. We had to leave it over night in the parking lot until the morning when we could tow it to a shop. CRAP! If it's not one thing, it's another.

*If you are going to use painter's tape, save yourself some time and use the green Frogtape, not the blue painter's tape. It is so AWESOME! It works amazingly well. It is definitely worth paying the 2 extra bucks.

*I was secretly hoping (even though the sun is shining) that the soccer games would be cancelled due to the snowy cold weather. Especially since I will have no car to take my boys to their games. :( Ha, Ha! YES! as I was typing this the phone rang and it was the coach saying that all the soccer games have been cancelled for the day. I am super stoked because now I don't have to get ready AND I can paint all day. Yippie Skippie!!!

*Sunday, May 1. This just in----Osama Bin Laden has been killed by the U.S.

*I spent the entire day cleaning out our food storage room. I really love this room. It's a room that is filled with many hours of my time, energy, and frugality to make it what it is. From canning to my coupon bargain deals. Every time I go in there, it brings comfort and security.

*We are tinkering with the idea of getting our back yard put in. We had a guy come check it out to give us an estimate. I'm scared to receive his email with the dollar amount. ....We got our estimate {yikes}.

*I LOVE the smell of Irish Spring bar soap. To the point where my mouth salivates, and I could eat it. I'm not kidding.

*I was working in the yard and I turned on the hose to water some plants. After finished, I went to get a Mountain Dew out of the storage room that I just cleaned two days prior. When I got there, I found water running down the cement wall and puddling on the floor. CRAP! The hose spiket pipe has a leak and is right above our storage room. LUCKILY I went to get a soda out of that room and found that we had a problem just minutes after it happened. And even more LUCKILY I just cleaned that room out 2 days prior, so I had all of our stuff and paperwork off of the floor. The things that got wet were no biggie. They were in plastic and I was able to just wipe them off. {phew!} But seriously- we just paid to have the car fixed, and now......we have to pay to have the pipe fixed. grrrrr.......

*Pictures from the archives:

Mother's Day 2008.

Mother's Day card I made for my Mom and my Mother-in-Law. 2008.


Alicia said...

Man, I'm sorry about the car and the leaky pipe! Your blog is one of my favs because I like how you write and just say what's going on. I can relate and I like the projects and inspiration on food storage and cleaning and organizing. Remember, you guys always have an open invitation to come see us in WA!! :-)

welljan said...

4 children you have,It may be a happy family!

Carrie said...

I hear you on the seemingly endless list of things to fix. We are on that road right now too and I am getting so tired of it. Sorry about all your repairs--I feel your pain!

But I need to see this inspiring food storage room of yours!


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