Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekly Randomness

*A soccer mom = a tan mom.

*I thought I was going to have to do the Heimlich on Gavin. He was eating a hotdog (more like he was eating half a hotdog and bun at one time). He just stood there frozen. I asked him if he was choking over and over, and he just stood there- frozen. Finally I said spit it out. So he did. And then he started to cry. I think it scared him pretty good. We had a good talk about you should do if you are choking.

*I stayed in my pj's all day and went through all of the paper piles in my bedroom. I filed, and cleaned, and trashed a ton of paper. I love purging.

*I have been gathering paperwork for our 72 hour kits. While doing so, I have been going through and getting rid/shredding old paperwork. I have been getting rid of 2+ grocery bags a day.

*Kurt cleaned the kitchen twice this week (without me asking). Sigh. I ♥ him.

*We broke out the bbq this past week. I love me a good, grilled hamburger. YUM!

*What I learned at Young Women's on Wednesday night. When in trouble (serious trouble-the kind where you feel you're in danger or threatened) yell the F-word. No, the F-word that I'm referring to isn't the word fire. The "real true blue don't ever say that word or you're going to hell" F-word. I had a lot of explaining to do when parents arrived.....
**We had a police officer come speak to us on safety. He said that the one word that will get peoples' attention and could save your life is the F-word. Especially living where we do-it is something that you don't hear a lady say and it will turn heads.
I guess yelling help just isn't as effective.?!

*We took the kids to the library. It was actually a really nice time. No crying, complaining. Just nice, good kids. It was nice.

*My parents leave tomorrow for their mission.

*I love it when Eli eats something like a cheerio. He sticks his whole hand in his mouth just to get that one cheerio in. He never just puts the food in his mouth. His hand has to go in with it.

*Pictures from the archives:
Taken this morning. 2011.
Kurt messed up Eli's hair this morning as he was doing his hair getting ready for work.
The boys drawing and playing the Wii.

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Alicia said...

I love purging junk out and cleaning. And yes, I LOVE when Brandon cleans ANYTHING. It makes me happier than anything. Where are your parents serving their mission? That is really exciting.


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