Monday, April 25, 2011

Gems In The Middle of No Where.

First stop.

{Golden Railroad Spike}

The kids are on spring break. Since we weren't taking a vacation anywhere.... we packed up the car for a day trip to find some of the hidden gems that the state of Utah has to offer. Our destination was the spiral jetty. But along the way we found a couple of other places to stop.

The Boys are standing on the last tie that was laid to gap the railroad where East meets West.
We got there just before the visitors center closed.

Eli was in heaven. Rocks everywhere. Since it was national park month/week (where all entry to parks are free) we didn't have to pay the fee upon entering the visitors center. I guess it's a national park/monument. We spotted a few little jackrabbits hopping around. There was also gift shop and a movie that you could watch. Oh and by the way, this is the last place to use the restroom before getting to the jetty.

Last stop.

{Rocket Display}

That's what the road sign says, "Rocket Display 2 miles". We aren't really sure what the place was, we assume it was where they make rockets. But it was really cool. Kurt was fascinated by the enormity of them.

Reading up on the display.

Middle of no where.

Anybody in here?

Eli climbing and swinging as usual.

Kurt giving a visual with his hands and making an eruption sound. This is where the fire shoots out to launch the rocket.

Running up the sides of the wall.
The boys loved the rocket display. It was well worth the stop. The Golden Railroad Spike was a little anti-climatical.

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