Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gems in the middle of no where.

First Stop.

{Spiral Jetty}

Just west of Brigham City, out in the middle of no where, lies a work of art known as the Spiral Jetty. It was constructed by a man named Robert Smithson in the 1970's. It is located on the Great Salt Lake and is made of black basalt rock and earth. It is a coil that is 1,500 feet long and 15 feet wide that stretches out counter clockwise in the water.Depending on the water levels, sometimes the Jetty is submerged. When it isn't submerged, it is visible and you can walk on it. Right now the water level is low and you can walk on it. I have heard of the Jetty and have always wanted to check it out. Even though it's out in the middle of no where, it was worth the drive and worth doing once.

The boys loved it. This was one of the best day trips we've taken in a long time. Owen running on the Jetty. He had endless amounts of energy and took a few laps around the Jetty.
Salt build up from the water of the Great Salt Lake.

On the walk from the car to get to the Jetty we found this white rock all by it's lonesome surrounded by all black rocks.
The boys walking on the Jetty.

We put Eli in the backpack carrier, but all he wanted to do was get out so he could get in the water Kurt keeping a grip on Eli.
Owen taking a break from running.The boys wanted to get in the water. Ewwww. Gross if you ask me. It wasn't deep. The deepest it got was up to their knees. They walked way out there, to the point where they could barely hear us calling them to stop and come back. It was a little freaky because the further out they went the smaller and smaller they got and it got hazier and hazier and harder to see them.
At one point I heard Gavin yell, "Hey Isaac, If you're hungry just lick your leg because it tastes like salt." Nice. Smooching on the Jetty.
Wild weeds.
Kanani and the Jetty.
Heading back to the car.


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