Friday, September 3, 2010

Crazy Days = Crazy Mom

It all started when we were asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting......we did get through, but it wasn't easy. With only one of us able to wrangle the herd while the other was on the stand speaking, it was not an easy feat. We've never needed the boys to be better, and they have never acted worse. Our friend Murphy decided to pay us a visit. Eli would not sit still, and managed to wiggle his way out of his pants as Kurt was trying to take him out. A nice lady noticed that we needed help and came and sat with the three other boys. Needless to say, there was a long "practice time" session when we got home. Practice Time=sitting on a chair with arms folded, no talking, and no moving.

After being sick for 6 days and missing 4 days of school, Isaac just wasn't getting better. I decided that it was time to take him to the Doctor. I took him in and the Doc said that he would like to do some chest x-rays. Come to find out, Isaac had/has pneumonia. A first for our family.

The next day after finding out Isaac had pneumonia, I had to be at a scout training meeting at 7:30 in the morning. Kurt had to leave for work at 9:30. My training wasn't over so we left all the boys home for the first time ever. Stressful....a little bit. Eli slept most of the time and Isaac was a great babysitter. This was his first paid babysitting gig. My training took 4 h...o...u...r...s.
Four hours of my life that I will never get back. GAH!

The great, big, huge picture that we purchased online has been returned. We decided that it didn't work in the room we bought it for. Upon calling to get rates to ship it back, I had to go change my pants a couple of times. Four hundred sixty eight dollars to return the piece. Because it was a massive piece the only way to ship it was on a freight truck thus making it more expensive. Thankfully, the people we bought it from let us use their business account and got the rate knocked down to $98. Getting it returned was very, very stressful. The poor Fedex guy waited in his montstrous semi truck in front of my house for 40 minutes while I tried to print off the shipping label. Of course my printer gave me problems and is basically out of commission so I had to goto 2 different neighbors that I barely knew and ask to use their computers.

Kurt had to make some decisions concerning his job. He finally made a decision, presented his case, and everything worked out.

We've been trying to find the perfect rug for our living room. We have 4 large rugs sitting here. We've finally decided on the one we're keeping. We need to return the other 3. Rugs are a pain to return when you have kids in tow. We'll I'm assuming rugs are a pain to return with kids in tow. Not having to return rugs, and just having rugs with kids in tow is a pain. I think I'll make Kurt do it.

We celebrated Eli's first birthday the other day. He has 4 teeth that are all coming in at the same time. His eyes water, and his nose constantly runs. It's snot city at our house. Oh, and the kid won't stop climbing on things. He is fearless.

It seems like it's one thing after another. Crazy Mom = a stressed out mom.

Due to the increased crazy around here, it seems as though I have tried to combat it with some retail therapy. It helps, but it is becoming a bad habit. Ha Ha. It is obvious that I have gotten myself into a bit of a funk.

As I sit here typing this, Kurt sits down and says,

"wanna goto the gym?"

Me, "no."

"maybe you should go get your hair done."

Me, "why, what's wrong with my hair?"

"nothing. It just seems like you need a little something to lift you up. maybe you should go shopping for a new bra."

Hardy Har-Har.

Kids just got home from school and we've decided to go hit a bucket of balls. Kurt did a little retail therapy shopping himself and picked up this...............his new golfing hat.


Carpenter's said...

That stressed me out just reading it!! :) Oh and I can't believe Isaac babysat, WhAt the heck???!!!

You are a brave mom!! I hope things start settling down and a routine starts. We are still processing this new school routine. Oops missed the bus this morning! :)

Taylor's said...

I just laughed . . . not a you but because I think we have all been there to some degree!

And I laughed because it is the same you the same Kurt that I have always known but know with just kids!

Brave Woman you are! Keep smiling - it's the only way from not crying!

The Kraus House said...

Kade- I have a strict rule that once they have told me not to molest kids for the second time, it's time to leave the meeting.

Nat- Sometimes life can get sooo crazy, and then thats about the time( I find) for a little vaca with your best friends!!

Danielle said...

i got to do my training online and it was pretty short. . .what gives with the 4 hour spill??? Yikes!!

isn't life with kids crazy, and boys are even crazier. . .makes you appreciate the goods days.

Brittney said...

4 hours for scouts...I'm so NOT a fan of scouts so I'd imagine this would have been dreadful!

I'm sorry but Kurt's comment about the bra was hilarious. Heaven knows after 4 kids, a good bra is an essential! :)


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