Friday, August 20, 2010

The day the sky was ticked

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The sky definitely was not in a good mood yesterday. Without any warning, the rains came down and the floods came up. It was CRAZY! I've never seen a storm like it. It started with wind, which turned into snow, which turned into hail, which turned into a downpour of rain. The news said that it was raining 3 1/2 to 4 inches of water per hour.

This is our neighbor's boat. See that water draining. Their boat cover wasn't on all the way, and water just kept spewing out.

Duringn the storm, the same neighbor's garbage cans blew over and garbage was everywhere. The neighbor's garbage cans on the opposite side of the road blew over too. After the storm, he was picking up what he thought was his garbage and followed the trail across the street to my neighbors house continuing to pick up "his trash" in their yard. By this time, he had quite a heap of garbage in his arms. As he made his way to the side of their house he looked up and saw that my neighbor's garbage cans had also tipped over, and then realized that the trash he was picking up wasn't his; but my neighbors. He stopped picking up garbage, looked at their side lawn littered with trash, and dropped everything he had in his arms right there on the ground. He then turned around and walked back across the street to his house. Apparently he didn't want anything to do with anyone else's trash.

I viewed this while looking out the window. He didn't know I was watching. To cut him some slack, I will note that he was wasn't the "real" neighbor. He was their grandfather and was babysitting his grandkids. He probably was in a hurry to get back to check on them ;)

View from our front patio.

During the storm, I discovered that the doors in our kitchen leak and need to be resealed. So do two of our windows in the basement.

After the storm I went out to hit the $10 jean sale at Old Navy. On my way, the roads were littered with rocks (some pretty big rocks) that made a snake like formation down several streets showing the path of the water. Wood chips and dirt were everywhere. All of the reservoir ponds were filled to the brim. Roads were puddled and flooded over. At the end of our street there were sandbags and sand piles trying to direct water away from houses and other streets. Firetrucks and service people were everywhere.

While we were fortunate to have no damage done to our home, others were not. At our Relief Society Enrichment, we were made aware that one family's home in our ward suffered great damage.

They have a reservoir pond right behind their house. It filled up and wasn't draining and started to pour over into this family's yard. Their little boy was watching t.v. in the basement, when the phone rang and the mom answered the phone upstairs. On the phone was a lady in our ward who lived on a street up above their house and could see the reservoir overflowing into their yard. She called to tell her. As she was talking to her, the little boy yelled up to his mom that water was coming in through the windows. She yelled at him to come upstairs. As he got halfway up the steps, the windows broke and water came gushing in. (The little boy was fine.) Eventually all the windows broke and the water didn't stop. All the water from the overflowing reservoir was now flowing into their house. When all was said and done, their basement was full of 8 to 9 feet of water. The city was there pumping water out of the reservoir for hours. This family's house now has no power, water, etc. Who knows how long it will be like that.

So at our enrichment, they had boxes of their pictures that were soaked and asked each of us to take some home and separate and dry them. It will take them a while to go through everything and get things fixed. A hard and sad situation.

While the sky was ticked off yesterday, I've managed to catch her on some of her good days. I snapped these pics from our front patio on different various days.


Meridee said...

Those are great shots, my talented friend.

The Kraus House said...

Those where such gorgeous picture, slap those babies on a canvas and you got some home decor.

celeste said...

That's a crazy storm, we sometimes get some of those here in Texas... but that seems way worse! by the way those are great shots!!


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