Monday, May 10, 2010

It's official

I officially feel like a Mom. I am a Mom in full fledged Mom mode. You know your official when pj's become the norm, you can't keep up; and there isn't ever enough time, sleep, or junk food in your house. It's official. I have none of those.

Yesterday was Mother's Day. It was yesterday that I came to the realization of many things.

1. I am a mother to 4 kids. F-O-U-R. More than a couple, but less than a gaggle.
2. Yesterday while getting ready, I found my first gray hair. My kids are driving me to pull my hair out.....Literally. I pulled that sucker out as fast as I could!
3. Kurt told me I looked like a mom at church. Or at least I was dressed like I looked liked a Mom. But a HOT Mom. hmmmmm.......I think it's time for a new wardrobe.
4. Having 3 kids in primary, I score big time with the treats. Three different kids, three times the treats.
5. I am blessed. I have 4 healthy, rambunctious boys who supply our home with endless amounts of energy. It's too bad the energy kids put out don't serve the same purpose as solar panels do. I'd never pay an electric bill again.
6. You know you're a mom (or even a mean mom) when your soon to be 9 year old is asked to write three words that describe your mom and he writes-helpful, sometimes a jerk, and loving. It's true I can be a meanie/jerk sometimes. Something I need to work on.
7. I like Mother's Day. You get homemade gifts, treats, love, and you get to nap as long as you want.

Yesterday after church, we packed a picnic lunch and went to the park. It was a great time!


Meridee said...

Okay guess what you are a darling mom. I wish I had your wardrobe. And btw we are all meanies/jerks sometimes. We all need to work on that one. You are a freakin' stud for having f-o-u-r kids. I love it!

Rochelle said...

You are a HOT mom! I mean seriously! If IP says that you are "sometimes a jerk", then I obviously dodged a bullet or two with the nice things my kids wrote about me. I think I win the mean mom prize hands down!

The Kraus House said...

I think your on the right track if your kids think your a jerk sometimes. Just means you are doing a good job, Kanan! I need a new wardrobe too, as soon as I lose some weight we should go on a shoping spree, and I mean spending at least a 100 bill! LOL

Brittney said... are a HOT mom. I love your hair right now. It's a really cute style for you (even if a gray one managed to sneak in there). :)

Carpenter's said...

Super cute pics, now where is an update of Eli, hmmmm??!!

Oh and it is a HUGE compliment to me when my kids say mean things. I smile and say, "Just doin' my job!"


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