Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Sale That Was Short

It wasn't until tax season that we came to understand how the $8,000 housing credit worked.

In a nutshell-We spent 2 afternoons looking at homes. Faxed our offer over on a Sunday night, got an approval on Tuesday, got 2 other banks' approvals to go through within a week and a half (yes, that's 3 banks) and got our entire loan pushed through within 1 month. We sign the papers in 1 week.

Did I mention that this was a short sale? And that we didn't start looking until April 3rd, just 27 days shy of the tax credit deadline. I guess the above situation, for a short sale, N.E.V.E.R. happens.

We've been incredibly blessed throughout this entire process.

I can't believe that it all happened so fast. This definitely was a short sale, and way too short of time for me to take it all in.


The Kraus House said...

we didn't even know you guys were looking, thats fantastic! Congrats.

Rochelle said...

My heart hurts cause you are leaving but at the same time I'm so happy you are finally getting your very own house! Yea! You guys will be sorely missed around here to say the least....♥♥♥

Taylor's said...

Holy freakin' cow that was fast! Short Sales NEVER happen that fast - congratulations!

Now, I need your new address!


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