Monday, March 1, 2010

Owen, Owen, Owen....

Owen: Hey Mom, guess what!
Me: What?
Owen: Today I broke my eardrum.
Me: Really, what happened?
Owen: Oh, my best friend accidentally kicked me in the ear when he was swinging from the bar.
Me: Did it hurt?
Owen: Yes.
Me: Did you tell your teacher?
Owen: No. I figured out what to do.
Me: So what did you do?
Owen: I took the eraser off a pencil and stuck it in my ear to keep everything in.
Me: An eraser? What made you think to do that? Oh, my best friend did that once and he said it worked.

I told Owen to do a silly face, and this is what he gave me. Cracks me up.


Brittney said...

How old is this kid again? He's pretty smart!

Love the spit-up clip. It's just too bad he didn't do it on Kurt. That would have made it even funnier. :)

Jacki said...

Kids are so funny. I love the pic of your whole family at the top of your blog, brilliant. :)


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