Thursday, January 21, 2010

Finally Finished!

I finally managed to finish Eli's carseat canopy thanks to Mike. I am loving it! The original canopy that came with this carseat blew. It was super flimsy and was always in the way. I was glad to replace it.
Thank goodness for those who are creative enough to come up with clever ideas that I can copy. As my friend Sarah always says,
"Copy the best, invent the rest."
Great quote!


The Clayburn Family said...

That is fabulous. Great job. Coolest canopy I have ever seen!

Carpenter's said...

I think I need a girly one b/c Brian won't let my buy a new car seat and mine is BLUE!! I will pay you for it!! Please, pretty please! :)

Tell Kurtosis Happy Birthday!

Clinton and Jessica said...

Hey! that looks great!!! I love the fabric. did you make that....I need one. our car seat is blue too and I want something girly! happy late birthday by the way.

Meridee said...

I am really impressed! You are too crafty.

Anonymous said...

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Taylor's said...

Way sweet! Love, love, love the fabric!

Brittany Kaaiakamanu said...

Cute! You'll have to send me the pattern so I can make them as gifts for showers.

emily b. said...

Very Cute!


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