Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mr. Kurtosis turns 4

Man! I blinked, opened my eyes and you turned 4!
-Your favorite right now is Dr. Jones. You like the Temple of Doom and the monkey brains part.

-Whenever you want something I tell you that you have to give me a kiss on the cheek first. After 3 somethings and 3 kisses, you start telling me that I am only supposed to kiss grown ups.

-You laugh hysterically and over dramatically when you think something is funny.

-Instead of saying chocolate. You say chalick.

-You are the messiest person in our house. And you HATE to clean up.

-When you sleep you move like the dickens, and you grind your teeth all....night.....long, and it's super loud.

-You want to do everything your brothers do.

-You are tall for your age.

-You love to quote movies. Your favorites: Nacho Libre and UHF.

-Some things you say: That's hysterical! Ok, I'm really getting creeped out here. Zoinks! You big rudy, or you're the rudest. Fire in the hole!

-You eat breakfast 3 times a morning.

-You don't like shirts with buttons. You are into t-shirts.

-When you talk to your baby brother, you talk in a high pitched voice, and you say, "where's your tootsies" over and over, and it makes him smile.

-You still have your baby face and your baby fat. I love to pinch your cheeks.

-You are my favorite 3rd child.

1 comment:

Meridee said...

He is so cute! And what a cute personality. He'll be glad you document these things so well.


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