Monday, November 16, 2009

Michael my love, where have you been?

I am so stoked, I can't even stand it!

Who knew that I could find Mike right down the street from our house? I always had to go bid for him on ebay, but all it took was one phone call.

He is so vibrant and energetic-I LOVE it!
He will be morphed into a new carseat canopy for little Eli's carseat. Can't wait to get werkin'!

You can find him at The Fabric Store on 90th & Redwood. His full name: Michael Miller. They have a HUGE selection. I saw this material and it was exactly what I wanted. That never happens. I would have Loved to have known about this gem of a store when I sought out to make Eli's baby bedding months ago. I couldn't find anything around town that was modern or contemporary that I liked, so I settled for the total opposite; this: Toile

above: bumper-just needs the bias tape put on and the ties

below: bed skirt

While I am a fan of Toile I love the modern look more. If I haden't already invested the time and if I weren't almost finished with the bedding, I would consider making another set with Michael Miller material. Hmmmm......


Carpenter's said...

You are one talented gal! I wish I could learn to sew. Ughh. I can't wait to see the finished car seat.

Taylor's said...

So know your feeling - I love him! Crazy but I have the same fabric - see I told you just to come and pick some out!

And I am glad you received the gift - so sorry it took me soo long to mail the darn thing off!

Meridee said...

Holy cow you are so talented! You freakin' rock!

Danielle said...

I fell in love with michael miller fabric about a year ago and found a store here that carried it. Have you checked out their oilcloth? You can do so many cute things with it.

Brittney said...

Love that first fabric. Almost makes me want to bust out my 1960 sewing machine and go to work! :)


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