Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"We've got an App. for that."

I was sitting in church last Sunday and noticed that the 2 boys in front of me were submersed in something that they were doing on their iPhone.

They wouldn't be texting anyone. Not in church. That would never happen.
Of course! They must be reading their downloaded scriptures. Nope.
Playing a game? Yep. But not just any game. The DOT game.

There's an App. for the DOT game. Who knew?

You know, the classic when you're bored this is the game to play DOT game. The game where you get to go first because you just spent the last 10 minutes maticulously lining up little dots to make the perfect game board. The game where if you get to make that line that puts you on a running streak of box after box with your initial, your opponant automatically says, "Where did you go again? or Your cheating!" game. You know the one.

I love this game. I played it all the time in church when I was a kid. In fact my kid played it just a few Sundays ago. Not on an iPhone, but the good old fashioned way-on paper.

Now, while I do have issues with people and their electronic devices at church; playing games while someone is speaking is one of them........... But after seeing that there is an App. for the DOT game. What is the difference if the kid in front of me is playing the exact same game on his phone, or if my kid is playing it on the back of the program?

Maybe I've been too quick to judge you church going application iPhone users.

1 comment:

Brittney said...

That's so funny because my kids were just playing that game on Sunday during sacrament-the good old fashioned paper version though.

I did the same thing as a kid.


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