Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We started off our christmas eve bash by keeping the Hepworth tradition alive, and lined our walks with luminaries so that Santa wouldn't miss our house. Believe it or not, we had to goto 6 different stores to find white paper bags.

We started the festivities off by indulging in some sweet and healthy goodness.

Marshmallow jello popcorn. Gooey Yumness!

You can never go wrong with a relish plate and ranch dip.

And......you gotta throw some salt in there somewhere.

After gorging on the goodness, we played some Chutes and Ladders & a few rounds of Sneakers & Slammers. -A Kurt Game.
We then adjourned to the living room where Santa would be making his grand appearance. We stoked the fire and read a christmas story before bedtime.
This is the first Christmas that we have spent it alone with just our little family. A nice change of pace. The boys slept in until 7:30. Santa treated them nicely and surprised them with some electronic video games. Santa must be a softy because we had made up our minds that we were never going to buy our kids videogames. But how can you argue with Santa?


Nelson said...

Everything looks perfect. The lights, the food, the fireplace. Sounds like you guys had a great time staying home as your own little family. We did the same.

The Clark said...

don't claim the lights as a hepworth tradition. you know it belongs to everyone between the madison library & uncle keith's (r.i.p.)

looks like the festivities were glorious. happy new year. i'm real sad mine won't be spent playing a good game of flashcards with uncle bingo...

Brittney said...

That's an awesome tradition. The lights looks so pretty against the snow.

khepworth said...

Rach: You're right, It's more like an 8th ward thing. But we're keeping it strong here in UT.

I think the last time we played "Around The World" was at Paul's. I love that game, only because I kick some serious trash!

Rochelle said...

So lovely its like I read it out of a book.


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