Saturday, December 13, 2008

Moldy Buns Flashback

When I was in highschool, a guy asked me to a Christmas dance by giving me a package of hotdog buns with a note that said will you goto the dance with me?



Fitting for the person.


I answered him back on a cold, dark, winter night by leaving his hotdog buns on the doorstep, and stomping out the answer in the snow, mixed with a little bit of food coloring. Little did I know that he would think my posse and I were vandalizing his house, and chase us down the street in a fit of rage, barefoot through the snow.

He felt like a fool the next morning when his dad told him that he better go out and look at the front lawn, which read Yes, I will goto the dance with you.

*sidenote: While on our dance date, he missed the bend in the road and kept going straight, right off the edge of the road which dropped off into a potato field going about 60 miles an hour. He swore like a sailor saying just about every word you probably shouldn't say in front a girl you just asked out for the very first time. He felt really bad. I mean really bad. Probably worse for swearing than he did for driving off the road.
We were okay, just shooken up. He apologized over and over. I felt bad for him.

A month later on my birthday, this individual gave me back the same hot dog buns for my birthday present. (He put them in the freezer.)

Funny right?

As time went on, we kept passing the hotdog buns around. Until he forgot to put them in the freezer and they became moldy. This isn't the actual picture of the hotdog buns. It's just a random picture off the net. I thought it would funny to see if there was an actual image of moldy hotdog buns out there, and there was!

This ended the hotdog bun passing until about 4 years later when this individual showed up at my door with a package of fresh buns.

*Note: To this day, 15 years later, this person and I remain good friends.


The Clark said...

come on. reveal. or i'll forever maintain in my mind that it was b. larson...

Lori Ann said...

Oh, the good old days of high school.....

Brittney said...

Who was that? That's very funny! should think my Christmas cards were cute since I totally copied your layout from your card last year on some of them. Imitation is the best form of flattery right? Hope you were flattered and not offended. :)

khepworth said...

Rach: B. Larson....if it were eggs I recieved, it might be him.
Didn't his fam. have an egg farm. Wait....maybe that was C. Haroldson?

A clue: Birch Trees.

Britt: I'm flattered.

The Clark said...

holy!!! so fetching hilarious! haroldson's! eggs!!! oh that poor kid. i wonder if he still reads while he's walking. my heart is kinda full for him right now. and i never knew you dated the son of birchie. but the buns and his fit of rage make total sense now.

and sometimes i still feel like asking, "who invited brad?"

great story. oh, and i'm with britt. your cards last year were killer.

khepworth said...

Rach: HIL-arious! I can picture C. Haroldson perusing the halls of MHS with his head burried in his book walking at the speed of light just like it was yesterday. And who invited Brad...still laughing!

And you guessed it. Son of Birchie.

If you guys thought my x-mas cards were killer last year......just wait a few more days. Not as great as last year, but I least I got them done.

Anonymous said...

I was just gonna say, that has Birchie written all over it, but Rachel beat me to it. (Hi Rach) Man I loved high school!

Mrs. Olsen said...

My class of 93 training is not following your clues. Who was the freakin' kid?

khepworth said...

Mrs. Olsen: Okay, Okay....

Does Paul Weimer ring a bell? That'd be him.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Oh my. Weimer huh? At first, I thought that story was the beginnings of you and Kurt's love story.

Rochelle said...

That sounds like Paul. What a goof. He asked me to some dance once by giving me a cake mix. If I could go I was to make him the cake.
I couldn't go because for the first time ever in my life I was grounded.
Anyone for throwing some eggs?

khepworth said...

Roch: Ha, Ha! Where was I for that night?


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