Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Music Moves The Soul

I don't listen to music enough. It used to be all that I lived by. A mandatory source of life. A way of expressing emotion. A way of marking historical events that have taken place. It seems as though the sounds of music have been replaced by the sounds of children and a.m. talk radio.

As I was working on my to do's for tomorrow, I youtubed some tunes to help me along. I quickly found myself recalling songs of the past that have fallen deaf upon my ears for many moons. Songs that conjured up memories and emotions of times in my life. Like when Kurt and I were dating. James was a big part of our dating scene, Out to Get You, Laid & Lullaby. And when we were hitched, it was U2-With Or Without You. When I was a freshman in high school, Big Audio Dynomite-Rush. When Gavin was born, Snow Patrol-Chasing Cars. Trip with Rochelle, Cheryl Crow-Soak Up The Sun. The death of Josh Strobel, U2-MLK. Rusted Root-Back To The Earth, when I nannied in New Jersey. My sophmore year, anything George Strait-The Chair. The song that was playing when I did my first roller skating snowball-Forever Young, Alphaville. And the list goes on and on.

It's been a while since I have marked a memory with song. I forgot how moving music really is. How it can connect life experiences with your soul. I have often times felt like a walking zombie going through the motions of life, and it's probably because I haven't had a beat to walk by.

Dr. Laura (talk radio) once gave one of her callers, who was depressed, this advice: she told this person to go buy an mp3 player, and fill it with songs that "move" you. That make you happy. And to carry it with them wherever they went and whenever they began to feel depressed to turn on their "happy" music. She went on to say that music is a natural remedy and has the ability to "move" a person or change ones attitude.

I totally agree with her philosophy. As I listened to songs that I haven't listened to in a long time, my memory has been engulfed in years of nostalgia, my heart is beating a little bit faster, and my soul has been moved.

Note to self: Download
Cowboy Junkies-Sweet Jane
Violent Femmes-Kiss Off
Kate Bush-This Woman's Work
A-ha-Take On Me
Primitive Radio Gods-Standing Outside a Broken Telephone Booth


The Clark said...

Agreed. And thank you for reminding me of James Laid. I need to dust that one off also. It sooooo reminds me of that same time of life. Carefree days spent at the pad or on some rad adventure with LOTS of laughter involved.

And I'm with Dr. L. I began my reconnection with music after my divorce and it nearly saved my life. Speaking of, I dreamt last night that the Crows were playing in my cousins backyard. That was rad.

The Clark said...

Wait. One more thing. James Out To Get You. Not sure why, but this totally conjures up memz of Loose. Anyone hear from him ever? I was wondering what he's up to yesterday.

And Thomas just told me yesterday about a song he wrote referencing that day that Dr. Sinister peed on his shirt (hehe). That day will always stand out in my mind (among other things) as the day that I realized Kurt & Kanani were in love. Ohhhh cute! I'm glad we have such a long and rich history. You rule Kanani. I guess that was 2 things.

Insecure, what you gonna do?

khepworth said...

I love it Rach!

Holy Crap! How did I forget about Out to Get You??? DUR. That one is high on the Kurt/Kanani list. That one is totally getting linked in. Dunno how that one slipped my mind.

Loose-I picture him in his army getup off in Iraq doing what he has always done-fighting for his country. At least that's where I hope he is, kwim? Haven't heard from the kid. Kurt?

Dr. Sinister wetting himself, ha ha! I remember that day like it was yesterday. That was the day I slipped on the rock and hit my head while repelling, and the day that Jackson took one for the team and asked you out because everyone else was chicken. And look what became of it. I fell in love with my husband, and you entered the picture as one of the coolest people ever!

I wanna hear the song Thomas wrote. Is it anything new?

Don't you just feel so small, that they could step on you?

The Clark said...

I called you up...answering machine.

Meridee said...

Those are some goodies! I don't listen to music as much as I used to. . .I'll get on that! Thanks.

cort said...

I totally agree with all of that. It is funny because all of that same music we all enjoyed and it is all totally mood music

Nelson said...

Love this post.
Great advice from the doc.
My favorite one you mentioned is Take On Me.
Oh how I love the 80's.
Maybe an 80's party is in order???

Brittney said...

Love this post. You have a good memory.

The song that will always remind me of you is Janet Jackson's "Again". I remember it seemed like every time I came to your house and it would be on repeat and it would play over, and over, and over, and over...:)

Music moves me as well. I have songs for running, songs for somber times, house cleaning songs, etc. It's amazing how much they can affect a person's mood.

khepworth said...

Britt: I totally forgot about Janet. How funny. I totally remember now!

Rochelle said...

...but the human touch is what I need, what I need, what I need...is YOU. Ahhhh those bring back some memories of my own. But it does make me think of one Kurtie and one Kanani being in luv for sure. Loved this post Kanan ...
I wanna soak up the sun...

EmHy said...

Hey Kanani, I just found your blog off Jeff and Maria Lukes. I love the Kurt's quotes sections and the picture of your little boy with the chocolate all over his face. Classic family, stuff that I love to see on other peoples blog. We just went private, but if you want an invite to read email me at hyluvsfish@hotmail.com. I hope things are going good for you! Hyrum and Emi Flamm


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